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Committees at the Constitutional Convention


Several notable committees met during the creation of the Constitution. These committees are referred to in the Convention Topic Page and the Convention Timeline. This page used James Madison's notes from the convention as source material for providing the members of these committees.

Members of various committees in the Constitutional Convention

Rules Committee
Proposed and appointed May 25, to set rules for the convention

First Committee of Eleven
Proposed and appointed July 2, on the question of equal represenation in the Senate

Committee of Detail
Proposed July 23, members appointed July 24, to create a constitution containing all issues agreed to by the convention
Result: August 6 Draft

Second Committee of Eleven
Proposed and appointed August 25, to consider issues concerning uniform duties and fees

Third Committee of Eleven
Proposed and appointed August 31, to address tabled issues and committee reports not yet acted upon

Committee of Style and Arrangement
Proposed and appointed September 8, to revise the style and arrangement of the Constitution
Result: September 12 Draft

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