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List of Presidential Vetoes

The Senate Library maintains a list of all bills vetoed by presidents over time. This list is published from time to time. The source for the information presented on this page was published in three documents, Presidential Vetoes, 1789 - 1988, Presidential Vetoes, 1989 - 2000, and Vetoes by President George W. Bush. This list is culled from within these three documents. As of this writing, there have been no veto actions by President Barack Obama.

The reports are available in PDF format online: 1789 - 1988 edition; 1989 - 2000 edition. The vetoes of President George W. Bush are available in HTML format: 2001 - 2008 edition.

PresidentRegular VetoesPocket VetoesTotal VetoesVetoes Overridden
George Washington2 2 
John Adams  0 
Thomas Jefferson  0 
James Madison527 
James Monroe1 1 
John Q. Adams  0 
Andrew Jackson5712 
Martin Van Buren 11 
William Harrison  0 
John Tyler64101
James Polk213 
Zachary Taylor  0 
Millard Fillmore  0 
Franklin Pierce9 95
James Buchanan437 
Abraham Lincoln257 
Andrew Johnson2182915
Ulysses Grant4548934
Rutherford Hayes121131
James Garfield  0 
Chester Arthur48121
Grover Cleveland3041104142
Benjamin Harrison1925441
Grover Cleveland421281705
William McKinley63642 
Theodore Roosevelt4240821
William Taft309391
Woodrow Wilson3311446
Warren Harding516 
Calvin Coolidge2030504
Herbert Hoover2116373
Franklin Roosevelt3722636359
Harry Turman1807025012
Dwight Eisenhower731081812
John Kennedy12921 
Lyndon Johnson161430 
Richard Nixon2617437
Gerald Ford48186612
Jimmy Carter1318312
Ronald Reagan3939789
George H.W. Bush2915441
William Clinton361372
George W. Bush12 124
Barack Obama  0 

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