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USConstitution.net 2008 Survey Results

This site has conducted an unscientific survey on various issues since July of 1998. The results, while interesting in most cases, are to be taken with a grain of salt - the results can easily be skewed by an individual or group of individuals; the sample is, by nature, not representative (because it consists only of Web users who visit my site and bother to view the survey page and submit an opinion).

This page includes results from 2008. For results from other years, please go to the Main Results Page.

Question 124, December 2008 In November, and again in December, the Big Three automakers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) went to Congress to request government loans to help them bridge the gap that slow sales would bring while they gear up to produce more desirable cars in the coming years. Is this a worthwhile destination for tax dollars?

Our system is supposed to reward success and punish failure - let the car companies sink or swim on their own. 46168.40
The automotive industry is too important to our economy and must be supported. The companies should be given the loans and we should sit back and wait for the recovery. 365.34
The automotive industry is too important to our economy and must be supported. However, the government should insist on oversight and tight controls until the money is repaid. 13720.33
The car companies, or some of them, should be nationalized so that essential projects like electric vehicles can be developed without needing to worry about the market. 405.93
Total 674100.00

Question 123, November 2008 The presidential candidates for the 2008 election, according to OpenSecrets.org, raised over $1 billion for the campaigns. What do you think about this amount of money?

This is just to be expected, and next time will just cost more. 26524.20
This is one more reason that public financing should be required of all candidates. 68962.92
Though this seems like a lot, this is the presidency of the United States. 14112.88
Total 1095100.00

Question 122, September/October 2008 For whom will you vote in November? (Note: this survey question combines September's and October's results.)

Baldwin/Castle (Constitution) 3823.25
Barr/Root (Libertarian) 3342.84
Calero/Kennedy (Socialist Workers) 180.15
Keyes/Drake (Independent) 440.37
La Riva/Puryear (Socialism and Liberation) 240.20
McCain/Palin (Republican) 568048.33
McKinney/Clemente (Green) 550.47
Moore/Alexander (Socialist) 320.27
Nader/Gonzalez (Independent) 1571.34
Obama/Biden (Democratic) 500742.60
Weill/McEnulty (Reform) 200.17
Total 11753100.00

Question 122, October 2008 (part 2) For whom will you vote in November? (Note: this survey question is repeated from September - these are results for the month of October only.)

Baldwin/Castle (Constitution) 2393.32
Barr/Root (Libertarian) 2062.86
Calero/Kennedy (Socialist Workers) 90.12
Keyes/Drake (Independent) 270.37
La Riva/Puryear (Socialism and Liberation) 120.17
McCain/Palin (Republican) 358749.80
McKinney/Clemente (Green) 250.35
Moore/Alexander (Socialist) 140.19
Nader/Gonzalez (Independent) 971.35
Obama/Biden (Democratic) 297441.29
Weill/McEnulty (Reform) 130.18
Total 7203100.00

Question 122, September 2008 (part 1) For whom will you vote in November? (Note: this survey question is repeated in October - these are results for the month of September only.)

Baldwin/Castle (Constitution) 1433.14
Barr/Root (Libertarian) 1282.81
Calero/Kennedy (Socialist Workers) 90.20
Keyes/Drake (Independent) 170.37
La Riva/Puryear (Socialism and Liberation) 120.26
McCain/Palin (Republican) 209346.00
McKinney/Clemente (Green) 300.66
Moore/Alexander (Socialist) 180.40
Nader/Gonzalez (Independent) 601.32
Obama/Biden (Democratic) 203344.68
Weill/McEnulty (Reform) 70.15
Total 4550100.00

Question 121, August 2008 According to OpenSecrets.org, Barack Obama raised nearly $340 million by the end of June 2008, and John McCain raised over $145 million by the end of June. Other major party candidates raised almost $600 million for the primary races. Predictions are that McCain and Obama and their parties will have to raise over $500 million each to win the presidency. What do you think about the spending on the presidential race?

Presidential campaigns should be publicly funded, and no funds beyond what the public gives should be allowed. 13360.45
The amount is regrettable, because it means minor parties have no chance - but that's just the way it is. 4018.18
This is a free country - candidates should be able to raise and spend whatever they want. 4721.36
Total 220100.00

Question 120 (July 2008) Each July, this survey will be offered, allowing us to track, over time, the political persuasion of our visitors. Questions are asked about party affiliation as well as economic and social ranking on a scale of 1 to 9 (1 being very conservative and 9 being very liberal).

ResponseCount PercentageAvg EconAvg Soc
Other Parties 181.47
Communist Party 80.654.885.00
Constitution Party 987.982.112.24
Democratic Party 24319.976.307.50
Green Party 383.097.058.08
Independent 22017.923.734.68
Libertarian 14912.132.425.08
Liberty Union 30.246.676.33
Natural Law 30.241.675.00
Reform Party
Republican Party 43335.262.142.36
Socialist Party 141.148.438.43
Total 1228100.003.554.41

Notable "Other" parties: Conservative, Pro-Christ, BPP

Economics ranking:

1 = Very Conservative 35829.1559.28
2 17714.41
3 19315.72
4 816.6023.54
5 = Moderate 15412.54
6 544.40
7 1068.6317.18
8 383.09
9 = Very Liberal 675.46

Social ranking:

1 = Very Conservative 34828.3449.02
2 13911.32
3 1159.36
4 504.0717.10
5 = Moderate 1149.28
6 463.75
7 1159.3633.87
8 1119.04
9 = Very Liberal 19015.47

Question 119, June 2008 Barack Obama was again under fire for comments made at the pulpit at his Chicago church, this time by a visiting priest criticizing Hillary Clinton. There was a time when a candidate's religion and religious views were not fodder for the media. Are things better today than they used to be?

The time for "politeness" has passed - the increase in interest in a candidate's religion is a valid area of inquiry. 13328.00
The candidates' religious views are private and raising them or calling them into question is wrong. 17737.26
The apparent change in interest in the candidates' religion is an illusion - this has always been an important area of inquiry. 16534.74
Total 475100.00

Question 118, May 2008 A poll released on May 1 indicates that President George Bush has the lowest approval rating of any modern president. What do you think? What is your opinion of how George Bush is doing right now?

Strongly Approve 13913.3824.16
Approve 11210.78
Neutral 514.91
Disapprove 797.6070.93
Stongly Disapprove 65863.33
Total 1039100.00

Question 117, April 2008 This primary season has been one of the most contentious in recent memory. The race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has been jovial at times, but mostly rancorous of late. Is this good, bad, or neither?

Democrats: The process is hurting the party, and it should be changed so that the nomination can be settled quicker. 10024.33
Democrats: The process is working as it should, with time for issues to be discussed. 6616.06
Republicans: The ongoing bickering can only help my party's presumptive nominee. 5112.41
Republicans: The ongoing bickering is indicative of what's wrong with the Democrats. 6816.55
Republicans: The ongoing bickering is indicative of what's wrong with our political system. 6716.30
Third Party: I don't care what the Democrats or Republicans do, my party is doing just fine. 184.38
Indifferent: Who cares - I don't even pay attention to the process until October anyway. 419.98
Total 411100.00

Question 116, March 2008 The military strategy known as "The Surge" has been underway in Iraq for a year. The strategy sent extra troops to Iraq to allow the military to accomplish specific goals in Iraq. U.S. troops, the military reports, have al Qaeda in Iraq forces on the run and that has allowed levels of violence in the country to diminish. American casualties have fallen, as have the number of violent attacks in the country. Critics have said, though, that the security gains are temporary and unless the U.S. is prepared to stay in Iraq indefinitely, there is little in permanent gains. Without a strong and stable government in Iraq and a strong and trusted military, Iraq will not be able to fend for itself. What do you think?

The success of the surge proves that Bush was right all along. 17128.36
The success of the surge proves that our troops can accomplish any goal given to them. 10317.08
The surge has been successful in spite of President Bush, not because of him. 315.14
All the surge has done is ensure that the war in Iraq will go on past the Bush presidency. 14924.71
Successful or not, it is time to bring all of our troops home. 14924.71
Total 603100.00

Question 115, February 2008 As you look at the presidential race this year, what issue is the one that is the most important to you at this time?

ResponseCount Percentage
The War in Iraq 15720.79
The Economy and Jobs 14419.07
Health Care 445.83
Terrorism 668.74
Immigration 11715.50
Energy 151.99
The Envionment 344.50
Foreign Policy 496.49
Taxes and Spending 12917.09
Total 755100.00

Question 114, January 2008 Representative Robert Wexler (D-FL) has launched an Internet campaign to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney, charging that Cheney has violated the Constitution. Though the charges are vague, Wexler says "The serious charges against Cheney involve alleged crimes that are central to his duties of Vice-President; namely war and peace, the widespread violations of civil liberties, and the security of the United States and our covert agents." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said that impeachment is "off the table." What do you think?

Wexler is on the right track - there are some serious violations that need to be investigated. 66750.92
Impeachment goes too far, but I think there should be a congressional investigation. 1108.40
The election is right around the corner - let's just get that over with and forget about impeachment. 1118.47
Wexler is nuts - Cheney has done nothing wrong and Wexler needs top find something else to complain about. 42232.21
Total 1310100.00

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