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Constitutional FAQ Answer #14

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Q14. "I think that the right of eighteen-year-olds to vote must be repealed. Do you know anywhere I can find some information that would help me?"

A. What is the basis of your argument? Personally, I don't agree with the argument, but you may have some convincing facts (or are you looking for convincing facts?) that I'd like to hear. My take on it is that since eighteen-year-olds can pay taxes and can join the military, they should be able to vote.

You should know that the repeal of this amendment has been proposed, but it would be replaced by one that grants the right to 16-year-olds. My take on this is that since 16-year-olds can have their income taxed, it seems reasonable that they should be guaranteed the vote. (Note that nothing in the Constitution prevents a state from allowing people under 18 the right to vote; the 26th merely sets a threshold.)

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