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Constitutional FAQ Answer #10

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Q10. "I need to know how many articles and amendments are related to economics in the Constitution?"

A. Depends on what you mean by economics. The Constitution doesn't say, for example, that the budget needs to be balanced or how much any one in government is to be paid (except to say that Senators and Representatives are to be paid out of the public funds, and that the President and Judges and Justices will also be paid. [interestingly, there is no mention that the Vice President should be paid!]). As a side note, the pay of judges may not be diminished during their time on the bench, but the President's pay may not be raised or lowered during his time in office.

Some other examples are: that all revenue bills are to originate in the House; that Congress can lay taxes and borrow money; to coin money, etc.; that a tax on slaves may be imposed.

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